25 Things That Make Me Feel Vulnerable

undesirable basement
  1. Big men passing by me on the sidewalk at night
  2. Staying sober
  3. Going to the bathroom with the door open
  4. Falling in love
  5. Writing poetry
  6. One of my molars breaking
  7. Buying presents for people
  8. Going barefoot
  9. Thong underwear
  10. Tax season
  11. Having my photo taken
  12. Flying in an airplane
  13. Sex
  14. Funerals
  15. Bra fittings
  16. Speaking in public
  17. Showering when no one else is home
  18. Cancer
  19. Using our building's laundry room at night
  20. Being unable to find my glasses
  21. The downward drift of some of my body parts
  22. Being touched
  23. People crying in front of me
  24. Watching the news
  25. Telling people what I believe in

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