Today, I'm a Hopeful Genius

Spring is springing!

Well, it's not exactly springing, but it was finally above 0°C (32°F) yesterday, which meant that I could take my gloves off to take photos without risking my digits.

doomed building

The dirtier snow is melting into mucky and oily clumps and puddles, showcasing the grit and pollution of urban melt.

As much as this time of year is swampy and unattractive in Regina, though, and as much as it brings on my snow mould allergies like nobody's business, it still makes the small fist of my heart shake off some of its melancholy.

first puddles!

For those of us who suffer from seasonal depression, mud is hope's correlate in early spring.

Mud also means dragging out my belove red rubber boots!


These boots may be beloved, but I've always had a painful problem when I wear them. My socks tend to work themselves down my leg, and then the top of the boot rubs the back of my calf raw, because these boots are shaped to fit close to the leg. I had a major stroke of brilliance, though, and the problem has been solved.

To keep your close-fitting rubber boot from rubbing your calf raw, wear a pair of knee-high socks and fold the sock over the top of the boot. The boot holds up your sock, and your sock prevents your leg from being rubbed raw.

boot and cat

Today, I'm a hopeful genius.

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