The 2012 Bloggies: The Horizontal Mambo and the Shedding of My Dignity

I'm a nominee in the 2012 Bloggies!

I'm up in the 2012 Bloggies

Am I lowering myself to asking for votes? You betcha.

I am presently doing the horizontal mambo with a blue plastic bucket I've decided to affectionately name Binky, and it is in this depressed state that I have chosen to shed my dignity and tell you to:
  • go to the 2012 Bloggies website,
  • click on the word "canadian" in the little grey sidebar area to the left,
  • make sure you tick off as shown in the picture above,
  • fill out the submission form at the bottom of the site,
  • and then click on the link in the confirmation email they send you to make it all official.
  • Oh, and vote for people in the other categories, too, because there are some really kick ass people up for awards this year.
I like the Bloggies, you see, and I like you, you see, so it only makes sense to put two and two together, at least from February 1st to the 19th when voting is open.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Binky and I are going to finish up the third season of Degrassi Junior High on Netflix. Binky says that Kathleen is just a misunderstood girl whose dealing with a difficult home life, but I think she's just a gigantic jerk whose jerk-ness is complicated by bad karma.

Sometimes I think Binky's just full of it.

Ba da bum.

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