Ninjamatics' Canadian Weblog Awards Interview Series: It's Happening

Ninjamatics' Canadian Weblog AwardsIn case you were previously unaware, I am the progenitor of the Ninjamatics' Canadian Weblog Awards, which is a juried awards that celebrates high quality blogging across Canada. We announced the 2011 winners at the end of January, and nominations for 2012 opened up at the beginning of this month, but I still wanted to do more to showcase our talent, so I have restarted the interview series I started earlier last year.

The first interview of 2012 is with Jeannine Fehr of Vancity Bride, which placed 1st in Best New Weblog, 2nd in Best Designed, and 3rd in Fashion, Style & Design. Go check it out and drop a comment on her blog to let her know you came by!

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