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Manitou Mud and Soft Nipples

The following is a series of emails that the Palinode has been sending me over the course of the evening.
Manitou mud! It's on me.

aidan in a mud mask 1


It's getting uncomfortable.

aidan in a mud mask 2


When it dries it's this weird light green colour. Almost chartreuse.


My skin is now insanely soft.


I'm going to put this stuff on my nipples next. Result: the softest nipples of all.


Post mud.

aidan in a mud mask 3


Transcribe our conversation. Post the pictures I sent you. I have no shame. Just soft, smooth nipples.
How does one not swoon for such a man?

Although, I am a little concerned about how sad he looks now that he has the softest nipples of all. Maybe this is how the Universe is balancing things out. To giveth, it must taketh away.

Soft nipples: they will steal your joy.

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