12 Photos of My Day In Honour of 12/12/12

I woke up after my first refreshing sleep in about two weeks:


I had a hot shower:


I ate lunch at Tangerine, and it was damn good:


I bought groceries, but totally forgot about getting anything for supper:


I worked:


I helped warm up cats when our boiler cut out:

cold Onion

I was cold when our boiler cut out:

cold me

I had tea and a Clif bar for supper:

tea and a Clif bar

I stood on a dead cow, considered vacuuming, and then didn't:

slippered feet on a dead cow

I made Aidan laugh when I told him I was going to make it look like he had gigantism of the legs:

Aidan computing

I double-checked that outside was still stupid, and it was:

stupid cold

And I got my new "vulnerability is sexy" t-shirt in the mail!

new t-shirt

Five Star Friday's 217th Edition Is Brought to You By Naomi Klein

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