Honesty Is the Key to a Good Marriage

It is evening, and Schmutzie and the Palinode are in their living room with their laptops open and Mad About You re-runs playing in the background.

SCHMUTZIE: Don't mind me being all over the floor. I'm just stretching out my back.


SCHMUTZIE: I think all the travel and public speaking stress has, quite literally, floored me.


SCHMUTZIE: I wish I could do all my work from this position. You know, just suspend my laptop from the ceiling or something.

PALINODE: Sounds good.

SCHMUTZIE: It would probably fall on my face and break my nose, though, and that would be the stupidest blogging accident ever.

PALINODE: Definitely.

SCHMUTZIE: Are you even listening to me?

PALINODE: Of course.

SCHMUTZIE: So, you're watching television, reading blogs, and having a conversation with me all at once?

PALINODE: Oh, no, not really. I'm actually just enjoying this picture of Frank Sinatra eating a giant stack of pancakes.

image from the collection of the Margaret Herrick Library

This is us, doing the important work. He's a keeper.

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