5 #HideousSelfie Pics That Will Brighten Your Day

I was feeling oh so sad and very blue a couple of nights ago. The sads have been plaguing me for a little while now for a number of reasons, and I was tired of it, because you know what depression is? It's boring.

I decided to enlist the help of Twitter to get my face out of its pile of squishy tissues and invented the #HideousSelfie hashtag, because it's totally okay to use your friends' lack of shame for your own entertainment, right?

To be fair, I offered up my own inspiring #HideousSelfie to promote only the best behaviour on the internet:


My fugly mug inpsired more than a few of my fellow tweeters, and, wouldn't you know it, I ended up laughing instead of crying, so I'm spreading the joy by sharing a few of them with you.

5 #HideousSelfie Pics That Will Brighten Your Day





and the obviously reigning queen of #HideousSelfie, RedneckMommy:

THANK YOU, TWITTER. A little of you and a little bit of #HideousSelfie made all the difference. I laughed so hard at one point that two, yes two, cats fell off the sofa.

If you are feeling both a little shameless and #HideousSelfie inspired, show us your hideous face. I'm proof that it does the world a bit of good.

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