That's What She Said: The Hammer Itself Is Not Evil

Leah Peterson approached Kelly Wickham and I about starting a video series together, and I pretty much jumped through the screen to shout YES, YES, OF COURSE I WILL SCHEDULE TIME TO TALK TO TWO SMART, COURAGEOUS WOMEN EVERY WEEK. Who wouldn't?

And so, That's What She Said was born. This first episode includes only Leah and I, but that's because Kelly was off doing amazing things in Ethiopia or recovering from doing amazing things in Ethiopia or some such. That's bound to happen with these two :)


Help 40 gain access to clean water for my 40th birthdayPS. I realize that I just concluded a post with a smiley face, which would normally mean much self-flagellation, but I've decided to be okay with it, because my apartment is cold and a cat bit my leg and I'm making a practice of letting stuff go.

PPS. My goal is for us to get to $2000 toward my 40th birthday Charity: Water goal by October 31st. Help us get there!

Five Star Friday's 210th Edition Is Brought to You By F. Scott Fitzgerald