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Schmutzie and the Palinode Start Vlogging

Although I have done a couple of vlog-type things in the past — doing Ethel Merman impressions with a cereal- and peanut butter-encrusted puppet counts, right? — I have wanted to do more on the vlogging front (video + blog = vlog). The Palinode has done some good work with the MamaPop video roundtables, among others, so, after years of overlooking the bounty right under my nose, I finally had the good sense to ask him if he would collaborate with me on some vlogs.


Our plan is simple. You will ask us a question in the comments. It can be about anything. It can be about us, one of us, or not about us at all. Seriously, we're game. After we choose a question, we will answer it in three minutes or less and put the video up within the week.

We also haven't named this thing yet, so if you've got a snappy idea, throw that in, too.

Are you in? Bring on the questions!

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