A Blundstone Boots Giveaway? I Don't Mind If I Do!

I'm a fan of Blundstone Footwear, so when the opportunity came up to give a pair of their boots away to my fellow Canadians, I said WOO-HOO!

I also yelled WOO-HOO! at the mailman this morning when he delivered my new Blundstones. He actually leapt backward into the hallway. Stop yelling at the nice mailman, Schmutzie. Oops.

Blundstone 1

I've been wearing them all day, but I didn't put them on until I had put my own, personal stamp on them.

There's nothing wrong with The Original Blundstone in brown. It's a beautiful boot, and it's one I've coveted for quite some time, but I had this pot of burgundy shoe polish in the hall closet, and it was beautiful, too, so what could I do?

Blundstone 9

After sullying my perfectly good looking pair of Blundstones, I took them out for a walk.

They hung out with some flowers.

Blundstone 3

They helped me to carry three skillion pounds of cat food and cat litter over several blocks in 31°C (88°F) heat while wasps pelted me with their bodies. I don't know what is up with the wasps this year, but they're hyper-aggressive and seem to have evolved from being mere scavengers to being straight up predators.

Let me tell you, it's really hard to flail and run with three skillion pounds cat food and cat litter.

Blundstone 4

I should probably tell you a little more about the specifics of the Blundstone boot that makes it so loved by me:

  • Their oiled leather keeps out inclement weather and road salt.
  • The sole and leather upper are joined together without stitching, so grit can't get in between the two.
  • The patented Shock Protection System reduces foot strike shock by 33%.
  • They have TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) outsoles that are not only slip resistant but are also oil and acid resistant and won't break down at colder and hotter temperatures.
  • They last for years.

  • Blundstone 7

    Also? They hang out with terrific sandwiches (which, if you are in Regina, Saskatchewan, can be had at the Italian Star Deli).

    Blundstone 6

    Oh, and they have removable insoles, which I find is always a bonus if you've got orthotics to fit into the boots or if you want to slip in an extra set of insoles for more cushioning, although, after running around in my Blundstones all day, I can't imagine that you would need any more. The soles on these babies are fantastic.

    Blundstone 5

    I don't know if all Blundstone boots come with a hat, but mine did, and let's just say that my head and hats are not a match made in heaven.

    Blundstone 8

    Not to oversell these Blundstones or anything, but I even went so far as to shoot video of myself doing a terrible soft shoe in a public parking lot after walking around in them all day just to show you how much I really mean it when I say that these boots are comfortable:

    I don't dance for just anybody.

    So, without much further ado, I'd like to give you guys a chance to win a pair of these! And, actually, I'd like to give you two chances to win.

    If you live in Canada and you would like ONE chance to get your hands on The Original Blundstone, do one of the following. If you would like TWO chances to win, do both of the following:
    1. Leave a comment on this post. You can tell me why you want/love Blundstones, or you can just talk about your day or your kids or whatever.

    2. Post the following tweet on Twitter, complete with hashtag:
      I want to win a free pair of Blundstone boots, because @schmutzie tells me they're awesome - http://tinyurl.com/FreeBlundstones  #FreeBlundstones
    I will pick one lucky CANADIAN (sorry, all you non-Canucks) at random on Tuesday, September 13th at midnight using random.org, and then I will announce the winner both here and on Twitter.

    Good luck!


    UPDATE: The contest is now closed, because the free pair of Blundstones has been won by nowlansgirl!

    Because Who Wants To Party At Christmas?

    Does This Gratitude Thing Still Work?