What I Did On Saturday, Plus There Might Be A Free T-Shirt At The End If I Like Your Idea

Not to sound insensitive or anything, but death is a real bummer, so I'm going to switch gears and tell you what I did on Saturday.

Shanan and I went to the University of Regina Theatre Department's costume sale, where we tried on many ridiculous things from medieval wench costumes to skin-tight, fuzzy, blue bear costumes to fluffy hats:

sweet hat

I walked around in this princess outfit for a while until I realized that I looked like an artsy member of the KKK:

me in a creepy princess costume

I couldn't leave empty-handed, though, so I bought three, yes THREE, of these The Disciples of James Dean jackets:

sweet coat

Then, we went to the farmers' market, where we hmmmed over produce.

hmmm, I'm looking at some tomatoes

I got ripped off by this one vendor again. He's this one particular Hutterite farmer. He'll tell you that it's four dollars for the carrots and five for the corn, and then after you talk to him for a while longer, he'll ask for ten. I give it to him because I like the way his accent turns the word hope into hoop.

Then, Shanan and I went for coffee at Tangerine, and it wasn't one of those namby pamby coffees where we talk about work and hobbies, no. We talked about atheism and the afterlife and the evils of dairy:

storytelling 1

I love coffees like that. Something about getting older seems to rob us of the willingness to throw it all out there. We have so many guarded conversations where we talk about everything we agree on, whether it's how nice such and such is or how crappy such and such is, and it's delicious to dig into stuff that, although we want to preface it with you might think I'm crazy, but..., we put it out there anyway.

storytelling 3

We're safer than we think we are.

Valu Village

Then, we hit Value Village, where we wondered at what might possess someone to buy a platter commemorating Bridlington:

oh, the famed Bridlington

Not that I've ever been to Bridlington, mind you, and it might be a city worth remembering through pictorial platters. I shouldn't judge just because I don't get the allure of commemorative platters.

I do, though. I'm a jerk sometimes.

And then, because we were trying to go everywhere in one afternoon, we stopped at the Golden Willow to buy buttons for the fantastic vintage coat that fit Shanan and not me because the universe is a sick place that doesn't give me what I want, except for when I find grapefruit jujube slices for free at the till. Then, the universe is less sick and more delicious.

free grapefruit jujubes at Golden Willow

So, in short, Saturday's purchases were, in no particular order: Creamo half & half, Starbucks ground coffee, DayQuil, three ceramic doll heads with two arms, a bag of potatoes, a bag of corn, four bags of carrots, and three The Disciples of James Dean jackets:

what I bought today

I'm not sure what the jackets are for. One just barely fits me, and then there are two smaller ones, so I think I need a small gang of small people who, if they don't hate James Dean, can at least pretend that they like James Dean. And red silk jackets. Bonus points if they can sculpt their hair into pompadours. Motherbumper?

And, because there is no tidy way to wrap this up, BAM! Here's my morning face:

morning face

PS. I am getting about ten free t-shirts, and I get to print whatever I want on them. What should I put on them? I'm at a loss. I thought about putting my head on them, only with Mr. T hair, with the line "Quit your jibba jabba!" underneath, but then I worried that his lines mights be trademarked or something.

So, help me out. If I like one of your ideas, you get a free shirt!

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