The Village Orchestra and Hugo Guzman. At The Artesian On 13th. With The Awesome.

Last night, the Palinode and I went out to see The Village Orchestra, featuring Hugo Guzman, at the Artesian On 13th.

The Village Orchestra at the Artesian On 13th

When the Palinode suggested that we go to a classical hip hop fusion show, my response was, "Well, that sound perfectly hideous", because I can be kind of an asshole, but it turned out to be an incredible event. The first half of the show started with The Village Orchestra playing international award winning local composer Jason Cullimore's Epochs, which was all shades of Fantasia and needs to have its own animation, and the second half of the show, Mythology, turned into a kick ass mixture of classical music featuring beatboxing and rapping by another local talent, Hugo Guzman.

Classical and rap are normally not my thing, but this? This is something of another colour. This is something I might be moved to see a second night in a row. My poor iPhone video doesn't do the sound any justice whatsoever, so you'll have to take my word for it. The acoustics in that little converted church are fantastic, and IT WAS GOOD.

The proof of its goodness is in the fact that I hauled out my iPhone to shoot two videos of it. I never shoot video, but I wanted to document the awesome that can be had in Regina right now.

If you are going to be in or around Regina tonight, tickets are $10 at the Artesian On 13th. It'll be two hours of your life that you won't regret. GO.

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