How To Fix Creative Constipation

My anxiety levels tend to rise at this time of year with the onset of fall, and, holy crap, are my anxiety levels up. I feel like the inside of me is a roof from which I have to be peeled.

While controlling my breathing and limiting my caffeine intake and getting a lot of sleep help with the anxiety, my creative output still tends to suffer. I start overthinking every line, word, and idea until I'm sure that I am full of head-to-toe shit. I know that this isn't the case, so, in an effort to loosen myself up and just get over it already, I've taken to doodling in order to let my mind go a bit.

I don't have any talent in the way of drawing, but I am enjoying making bright, goofy drawings, which I like to pronounce draw-rings:

click to view full size

And guess what? My brain seems to unclutter itself quite handily while I doodle out arrows and lines and circles and whatnot.

What works for you when you're all bound up creatively?

Craig Gesticulating Over Supper

Orange Sneakers