Keep Reading. It All Turns Out Okay In The End. Also, I'm Universally Popular And Well-Liked.*


First, I have 25 complaints about the last twenty-four hours:
  1. My laptop up and died last night.
  2. My insomnia decided to kick and keep me up until 3 a.m.
  3. When I did fall asleep, I had nightmares.
  4. I was nauseous all morning.
  5. I couldn't get the Palinode's little mini laptop to work consistently without freezing up.
  6. I switched to his regular computer, which kept signing him in and me out of websites to such an extent that I couldn't get anything done.
  7. I cried.
  8. I dropped my shirt in the litter box.
  9. I absent-mindedly put that shirt on a little later before I remembered that it was befouled by kitty shit.
  10. I smashed my big toe into the radiator.
  11. I cried again.
  12. I found a bug burrowed into the banana I was eating, but I didn't find it until I had eaten all but the last two bites.
  13. I needed to log in to Flickr to access photos for my next Aiming Low post, but nothing I did would allow me to log in, so it took me a whole extra hour to figure out the tech that would allow me to gain access to that photo without the use of either Flickr or my sad, dead laptop.
  14. I stabbed myself in the eye with a mascara applicator.
  15. I decided on retail therapy and went out to buy a decent black shirt for the conference, which is when I found out that I am not one but TWO sizes bigger than I thought I was.
  16. I sniffled over my lumpiness in the store's changing room.
  17. I bought laundry detergent, pleased that I would at least have clean clothes by the end of the day, but when I went to do the laundry, it turned out that I had bought a useless bottle of fabric softener instead.
  18. Both dryers in my building's laundry room aren't working properly, so I had to pay twice as much to end up with still-damp clothes.
  19. Due to my building's layout, I have to go outside to access the laundry room, and I locked myself out.
  20. I've broken out with cystic acne BEHIND MY EARS, which is not only painful, but it's also a really stupid place to have cystic acne.
  21. As happened with my failure to interact with Flickr properly, I also fought with the website (which is a truly terrible website that does not let you access any specific actions directly, if at all) for an hour while I tried to add a travel plan for my iPhone.
  22. I cried off and on while I cursed my dead computer, Fido's abuse of my good will, Yahoo's stupid sign-in process for Flickr, and my rising dread about getting on an airplane.
  23. I found a beetle flapping about in my cleavage.
  24. Another giant zit popped up on my back both to say hello to me and to wave goodbye to that blue dress with a low back I was going to wear at a BlogHer party.
  25. And then the glands in my neck swelled up just in time for my trip! Hooray!
But it all turns out okay, though, because:
  1. I managed to mostly finish up the first phase of a larger project that I love before my computer died.
  2. I needed a new computer for work, anyway.
  3. I've got access to a servicable laptop, at least until I can replace my dead one.
  4. My lack of sleep last night will likely thwart my insomnia tonight.
  5. Nightmares are usually a sign of rising excitement rather than anything actually negative.
  6. I stopped crying on an hourly basis.
  7. My nausea has disappeared.
  8. I am not presently wearing a shirt with kitty shit on it, and I likely won't be in the foreseeable future.
  9. I figure that bugs are high in protein.
  10. I was finally able to log into Flickr and finish my post for Aiming Low.
  11. Neither my big toe nor my eye were permanently damaged.
  12. I might be two sizes bigger, but my boobs look fantastic.
  13. Also, my new shirt fits like a dream.
  14. I have a new shirt!
  15. I may have painful, giant zits behind my ears, but they're behind my ears where no one will take note of them, except for maybe you if you're at BlogHer, and I'll totally know that you're scoping out the backs of my ears for grossness if you try.
  16. I stopped complaining and crying and, quite literally, pulling on my own hair, which doesn't serve to solve any problems whatsoever.
  17. I get to fly out to BlogHer '11 in San Diego tomorrow, which is good, even if it terrifies me to get on an airplane.
  18. I get to people watch in airports tomorrow. Airports offer up some of the best people watching around.
  19. I get to hang out with a couple or more thousand of my fellow social media nerds over the next few days.
  20. I connect with the some pretty fantastic people every year at BlogHer that I otherwise would not have met, and I'm excited to see who they turn out to be this year.
  21. The BlogHer Community Keynote is on Friday, and I wouldn't miss hearing my community share its best out loud in person for the world.
  22. There is always one fantastic meal had spontaneously with delightful people.
  23. I'm forecasting that San Diego is not experiencing this scourge of beetles that Regina seems to be at the moment.
  24. Hotel beds! I always sleep like a baby in hotel beds.
  25. This cat lady gets to miss her three kitties and cuddle with them all again when she gets home.

* I just added that last sentence in the title as a bit of false bravado as I head into this BlogHer conference. It's wholly overwhelming at times to be faced with a couple or more thousand other creative minds, and it helps to add a little a spit and swagger.