Brené Gets A Bright, Fresh Look

Due to a lot of travel since the latter part of July, at least a lot as far as I am used to, I was unable to post about my latest project with Brené Brown. We re-worked her original website design with an eye to "more white space, more clarity, and increased simplicity through mindful integration", and I believe we achieved what we set out to accomplish.

First, we worked on the entry page to her website, which helped us to set the tone for what we would find inside: splash page

Then, we worked on her website's general template. We retained most of her original masthead pictured below: original masthead, updated

But we reworked it to decrease its height, remove the text along the skyline, and add the two birds and a vintage photo frame: original masthead

The new site is a bright, fresh take on her original design, so it still feels home to her long-time readers while still being a step forward into the new academic year: screenshot

If you are not already familiar with Brené and her work, make sure that you drop in on Brené and take a tour. She is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, a nationally renowned speaker, an author, and the recipient of numerous teaching awards.

Brené Brown does work worth sharing, and I am so honoured to have been able to help her do just that.

Close-Up Skyline

Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #74