Weblog Links From Business Cards That Made It Home In My Luggage From BlogHer '11

business cards from BlogHer '11

The fact that I alphabetized the following list of weblog links from business cards I received at BlogHer '11 is proof positive that I am anally retentive:

The Adventures of Lesalina
Attack of the Redneck Mommy
Band Back Together
Chubby Mommy Running Club
Conversations with Myself
Jurgen Nation
The Lost In Suburbia Blog
Orange Dragonfly
Suebob's Red Stapler
Susan Fujiki (dot) com
Wave the Stick

I swear that I was given more business cards than this over the course of BlogHer '11, because I saw hundreds of you there. I think my hotel bed ate them.

If we met at BlogHer, and I didn't get your card, or I apparently lost it to the hotel laundry, throw out your name and url in the comments!