Five Star Friday's 159th Edition Is Brought to You By This Humpback Whale

This Five Star Friday roundup is brought to you by a friend's startling loss, a haircut, depression and its heavy effects, a difficult family transition, cancer, banishing shame, being judgmental, Amy Winehouse, addiction, the importance of teaching kindness, life and death and the love in between, mental illness, colouring outside the lines, Barbie, more on mental illness, web generalists, and this incredible whale story:

Watching that whale celebrate her freedom did me in this morning, as did most of the following weblog entries for both their heaviness and their joy. Who says blogging is dead?

Happy Friday!

"This Is Difficult to Write" from Suburban Bliss:
Starting a job after a stay in a mental hospital isn't the best of circumstances, but I think I've done very well all things considered. I realize, I could be let go from my job for admitting in this public way I have mental illness. But I believe as long as I stay under the care of a psychiatrist and therapist and continue to do the job I was hired for, none of this will matter.

I think it's important for me to tell you this story because this is what depression looks like.
"The Giant Internet Hand of Spanking" from Swistle

"Sitting Shiva" from The Spectrum

"We're So Wasteful With One Another" from Alphabet Junkie:
...this brings me back to spirituality and the reckoning of our own souls: It's not enough to just rest in something beautiful. If the substance of the thing is questionable, it will eventually begin to disturb us. We will stir uncomfortably, not able to sit with ourselves and our outdated truths. I don't know why that can't be enough; why we can't let our actions say everything that needs to be known about our hearts. I don't know why we have to be at odds with disparate beliefs, why we can't just slap five and sing soul and smile and give the other guy the same room to be.
"Don't Shoot the Messenger" from Breed 'Em and Weep

"Hospital — Day 4" from Toddler Planet

"Papa Greek" from
I've realized the most peace I feel these days is when I'm sitting with Papa Greek, holding his hand or massaging his feet. It seems weird to say, but it feels kind of like being with a newborn baby. When people get to that stage, I think, they become pure again. They don't have the slings and arrows of normal humanity anymore. They just exist. I feel protective of him. It's so weird that he is the same person who replaced the metal grate in my garage, who gave a speech at my wedding, who danced at Tony's aunt's and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party less than a year ago. Now, he's just a being.

Soon, he will just be light.
"Today I Banish Shame" from Saving for Someday

"Come Back to Me" from The Daddy Files

"Tooth Marks In the Wood" from The Girl Who:
I would give anything to have all the dope in the world out in my garage. And all the fast cars and all the bees. I wouldn't care if taking the bees away fucked up the planet. I wouldn't give two shits if their missing honey started making it rain hot glue balls.

I would give all my limbs and my eyes and my teeth if that was the deal, if I could stave off all the goddamn possible bee stings.

Not being able to makes me crazy. And super sad.
"A Little Adrift…On Death, Addiction, and Our Humanity" from A Little Adrift

"How I'm Implementing My "Be Nice!" Commenting Policy With My Children" from Zoot

"Life & Death In Michigan" from Black Hockey Jesus:
God, I love my mom. She’s a little tree, origami, where I’m from. She took me to the cemetery to show me the growing family plot and water the flowers. I listened as she whispered to her mom, her dad, and her brother. It took me a lot of books to unlearn enough to speak to the dead, to listen too, but she does so instinctively, quietly, from her own gentle heart and the wisdom borne of suffering.
"Hanging Upside Down" from San Diego Momma

"Barbie Has Puppies" from The Cheeseblog

"Defending The Generalists In The Web Design Industry" by Paul Boag at Smashing Magazine: is important that there is a counter-balance to the ever-increasing drive towards specialization. But it's more than that. I am also keen to see a new-found respect for the generalists among us, a recognition that developing a broad understanding of the increasingly complex aspects of Web design takes just as much skill and effort as becoming an expert in one area.
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