25 Things About Which I Am Suspicious

  1. The relative safety of really tall cranes
  2. Large dogs with heavy chains for leashes
  3. Thickly-accented customer care representatives who claim to be named Jeremy
  4. Hard-boiled eggs that have that grey layer around the yolk
  5. The nuclear family
  6. Telephone calls
  7. Statements that use the words always and/or never
  8. So-called design websites with weblogs with generic templates
  9. People who tell you that you can trust them
  10. The competence of micro-managers
  11. The perpetual bemoaning of negative situations to which one is not physically shackled
  12. Religion
  13. Products that mask household odours
  14. The disruptive force of all our electrical gadgets on humanity's collective consciousness
  15. What really counts as "dirty", aside from bacteria
  16. Food cooked in other people's homes
  17. A culture that appears to wax hysterical about pedophilia while selling thong underwear and padded bras to eight-year-old girls
  18. Mayonnaise or mayonnaise-like sandwich spreads
  19. Anyone who declares the impending death of personal blogging due to innovations in the social web
  20. Strict adherence to party lines
  21. The merit of shoulder pads in women's clothing
  22. People who are overly complimentary
  23. The judgy UPS guy who appears to shave off all of his body hair (at least what's visible)
  24. Any statement that begins with the phrase "I am so over [something or other]"
  25. The necessity of underwear
What raises your suspicion?

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