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Five Star Friday's 157th Edition Is Brought to You By Richard Ford


This Five Star Friday roundup is brought to you by Planned Parenthood, self-acceptance, competitive grief, shame vs. empathy, memories of childhood summers, history vs. fiction, a baby bird, women in comics, and Richard Ford:

And since that is not how it has been for a long time, you want, this time, to make it last, this glistening one moment, this cool air, this new living, so that you can preserve a feeling of it, inasmuch as when it comes again it may just be too late. You may just be too old. And in truth, of course, this may be the last time that you will ever feel this way again.
     — Richard Ford, The Sportswriter

Happy Friday!


On the Hook

" from

Breed 'Em and Weep


It is understandable that someone would not want to be the Donald Hall to your Jane Kenyon. Your first Donald Hall left, as did the second. Yes, you can understand it. This is not the love story for everyone. It is also understandable still that someone might add — quickly, with care — that your sadness could not be that bad, could it? You know the expected answer, the hoped-for answer. You want to give it, lob it brilliantly and hard into the sun, out of sight.



" from

It Ain't All Peaches and Cream


Widow vs. Widow

" by Kim T. Hamer at

Widow's Voice


Caught Telling Fiction

" by

Jessica Francis Kane


The Morning News


It seems fiction is fine unless a subject is raw — then we think nonfiction is required. We want facts. In his prefatory note to A Quiet American, Graham Greene wrote, "This is a story, not a piece of history." It's fascinating he felt he had to say that. As long as nothing appears to be outlandishly wrong — and often a decent author's note reveals the research and intentions behind the book — I am happy to believe the story I'm reading might have been. Compare Dave Egger's Zeitoun and Tom Piazza's City of Refuge. Both books are about Hurricane Katrina, one nonfiction, the other fiction, both positively bursting with truth. Which you read depends on your preference as a reader, but one is no less true than the other.


Do We Need More Shame?

" from

Ordinary Courage



" from

Irretrievably Broken


My Planned Parenthood

" from

Knotty Yarn


I stand with Planned Parenthood.
And I am ashamed, ashamed to the very depths of my being, of anyone who would not do the same.


Why Aren’t There More Women in Comics?

" from

Adam P Knave .com


Fat Legs, Little Shorts: A Summer Project

" from


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