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Young Adult Smash And Vampire Unicorn

I helped to give The Well-Read Wife a new look by designing the new masthead for the site a while back, and since then, Mandy and I have continued to work together on the design of a second website geared toward young adult fiction called Young Adult Smash.

Vampire unicorn? Don't mind if we do!


I also created a 125x125 button

YASmash.com 125x125 button

and a 2"x6" bookmark for Young Adult Smash,

YASmash.com bookmark

as well as a 2"x6" bookmark for The Well-Read Wife

WellReadWife.com bookmark

and a business card that incorporates both websites.

Mandy Boles business card, frontMandy Boles business card, back

I've been sitting on all of this work for weeks, so it feels like a relief to be able to finally tell you all about Young Adult Smash and the VAMPIRE UNICORN. He's fangy and magical.

I love vampire unicorn, and I'm thrilled that he found a home with Mandy and Young Adult Smash.


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