There's Some Good News Here At PaliSchmutz Industries

There has been a windfall of fantabulous news here at PaliSchmutz Industries. It makes us pretty happy if slightly more tired folks these days.

Siam 1

The Palinode went and got himself a new job!

Siam 2

Since last spring, aside from my very part-time glamorous shoe store job, we have both been freelancing from home.

From people's reactions to our work situation over the last year, I have been given to understand that both living and working together full time is supposed to test even the greatest of marriages, but that hasn't been the case here. I have loved our being at home together.

Siam 3

Of course, being at home together nearly twenty-four hours a day means that the little things he does that irritate me were present all the time — he places lids and caps back on bottles and tubes but never screws them down properly, he shouts stuff incomprehensibly from the other room and then acts annoyed when I don't understand what he's saying, he sits in front of his huge monitor in the dark sometimes like some basement-dwelling fapper — but those things are minor. They're humorous asides.

I have loved being able to wander into the next room to share stupid pet videos, to get his advice about where to go next with a particular design, or just to sniff the top of his head. He has a delicious scalp, it's true.

Siam 4

This is only his second day at his new job, and I'm waxing nostalgic about our year of freelancing together.

I'm used to wandering into his office to kiss his head on my way by to make coffee. He's my second set of eyes when I'm designing, and I like being able to shove my work under his nose any time day or night. He tells me if my outfits look good, he stops for hallway cuddles, he is the maker of good tea.

Siam 5

You probably want to clobber me for going on about how the Palinode has to leave me for several hours a day like a normal person. I kind of want to clobber me, because, damn, am I ever actually living a blessed life right now.

Siam 6

Oh, hell. I wasn't intending to write a love letter today. I was just going to whine about what a travesty it is that I have to spend all day by myself wah wah wah call me a wambulance, and now here I am writing the equivalent of a mash note.

It's just that after ten years together and the health messes we've dealt with and working together so closely over the last year, I still like him, and I am unboundingly grateful for his presence in my life.

Siam 7

Also, now I have no one to yell out Is there any coffee left in the pot? to with the hope that they'll get up and make me some damn coffee already, and our cats are far too useless. Now a woman's got to do it for herself while her partner is out at his exciting new job.



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