My Business Cards For BlogHer '11 Are Snappy, If I Do Say So Myself

It suddenly hit me this morning that BlogHer '11, which I am attending, is less than a month away, and I have no business cards that actually highlight my personal weblog, Being that I wrote about things to keep in mind when designing business cards for last year's BlogHer conference, I realized that I couldn't very well show up at this conference cardless, so I put myself to work.

I decided to create a business card that would be able to stand for both Ninjamatics and, so I used the original design I created for Ninjamatics as a springboard.

The front of my new business cards is dedicated to

my business cards for BlogHer '11, front

And the back of my business cards is dedicated to Ninjamatics:

my business cards for BlogHer '11, back

I ordered them from Moo, because, although they are more expensive than a lot of printers, they do fantastic work. Their cards are just slightly off size enough to stand out from the pack, the paper they use is thick enough to have a satisfying snap against my fingers, and their colours are vibrant. According to Moo, I should get them by August 1st, which is just three days before I head to San Diego for the conference.

My fingers are firmly crossed.

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