Five Star Friday's 152nd Edition Is Brought to You By Richard P. Feynman

This Five Star Friday roundup is brought to you by poetry, getting one's freak on, foodies vs techies, storytelling, food deserts, trolleys, a Sharpie marker, and Richard P. Feynman:

Richard Feynman
Reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.
     — Richard P. Feynman

Happy Friday!


I'm a Little Bit Terry (Gross), and I'm a Little Bit Rock and Roll

" from

Ann's Rants


At one point I found myself next to a boy I crushed, and I pulled out my best fly girl freaky-deaky moves. He did not freak the UnTerry back. There was no mutual freaking. HE LEFT ME FREAKLESS and the Terry within wished she was back home watching Top of The Pops with Julie Andrews and eating Stouffers French bread pizzas.


For Your Company to Last, the 'Brand' Must Die. But Stories Should Survive

" by

Paddy Harrington




Two-Hundred and Eighty-One: I'm Not Doing It Right

" from

Say Another Lexi


Emu-Egg Cassoulet With Crème Fraiche

" from



...all the incontrovertible evidence of the gigantic, slow-motion disaster that industrialized, chemical-intensive agriculture has become is irrelevant. Because look at this awesome app! Cargill and Monsanto and Kraft want what's best for us, so we should celebrate our emancipation from any responsibility for what we put into our bodies and just revel in all that delicious convenience. To discuss the very serious issues about how we choose to feed ourselves personally and via policy decisions at local, state, and federal levels is classist, you see. Mustn't go there. It's better to view problems like hunger, pollution, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria as "morally neutral codes to be cracked."


This Sharpie

" from

Ten Sexy Ladies


No Myths Here: Food Stamps, Food Deserts, and Food Scarcity

" by Erika Nicole Kendall at



The Moral Superiority of the Streetcar

" from


I often pass time looking at ancient magazines and it's the ephemera that catches my eye. All the junk in the front is fascinating, a puzzle pieced together under pressure, but the long articles from 1921, the important articles, are often hard to read, like encyclopedia entries for a boring planet that was blown up years ago. Which makes me think, for uncertain reasons, of trollies, and about the General Motors streetcar conspiracy.

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