A Weblog Facelift, Rainy Days, and Primary Pencils

I just updated my weblog design. Let me show you it.

I have made it so that both my photos and my text are twice the size. I kind of enjoy how it all looks like my website was designed by the equivalent of a primary pencil.

Which, by the way, I love. Primary pencils. When I was a kid, there was some place where I was frequently given pencils pencils to draw with — it could have been church, or maybe it was that daycare facility my mother took me to for a while — and they had these fat pencils painted bright red or navy blue, and when I pushed the tip along the paper, it felt soft as I pulled it along. The pencil felt more like it was caressing the paper than scratching into it, and I still have entire dreams which center around that warm sensation of weighted floating atop the soft lubrication of graphite dust.

I would later develop an unnatural fixation on office supplies.

ready for a rainy walk

It's been rainy here. The last couple of days have dried up the puddles for the most part, but it rained so much earlier that they had to shut down the university for a bit while the sewers complained and I had break out my red galoshes.

puddles 2

I stuffed my pajama bottoms into my boots and crawled around on the steps and all over the parking lot so that I could document how wet everything was.

dirty pajama knees

Every time another tenant came out of our building, I tried to look like I just happened to be texting on my knees in the parking lot in the middle of a torrential downpour in my pajamas. I could tell that no one was buying it.

weeds 3

It just seemed so important that I crawl around on my elbows and knees to document the foliage (see also: weeds) pushing its way through the crumbling asphalt.

Rain never stops being a novelty for me. It paints the whole world in brighter colours, and it is just so wet. Rain: it's the thirst-slaker.

rainy day outfit

Yes, I love rain because it's wet and plants are pretty. Sometimes I am just so precious that I could punch myself in the face.

So, to wrap up this mess, I once had a thing for office supplies, and I like the rain. Today's entry reads like a sad profile on a dating site for fetishists.

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