Mom-101 Gets A New Face

Liz of Mom-101 came to me to see about updating the design of her personal weblog from the original below, and I leapt at the chance.'s original template

She maybe didn't know I was leaping at the chance, but I was leaping. I am a long-time reader of Liz's weblog, and my fingers have long itched to play with her template.

All she had to say to me was "mid-century academia", and I was in. Liz had a fairly clear vision from the beginning, and it was a joy to unfold our ideas and slowly lay them out on the page. She and I worked together to create a template that, in the end, I kind of wanted to steal for myself. redesign

Dawn Blanchfield took up the crazy and intense work that was migrating Mom-101 from Blogger to WordPress, and she coded the design for us. She deserves much cake for the work she put into it. Seriously.

Thank you so much, Dawn.

Don't just look at the screenshot above, though. If you don't know Liz already, you should. Liz is a mother "...hailing from the justly maligned world of advertising" who has been blogging at Mom-101 since January 2006. Go visit Mom-101 directly, take a look around, and tell her hello!

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