How I Try To Save The World From My Allergy Face, Because It Ain't Pretty

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Up until about the time I was thirty years old, I had no allergies to speak of aside from a nearly deathly reaction to penicillin, and so I had no symathy for those who did suffer from allergies. I actually thought people were just being whiny when they said they couldn't breathe or see.

I know now what a huge jerk I was.


Since turning thirty, my eyes start weeping at the first sign of spring melt, which is quickly accompanied by the swift shut down of both my sinuses and nasal passages, and that situation holds steady right up until the end of June. I was never much of a housekeeper before, and I'm still pretty horrible at it, but I've learned a few things that help to keep my reactions down (aside from getting rid of my three cats, of course, even though I really shouldn't have them because of my allergies, but my stupid love for them demands that I keep them).


I used to have a lot of throw pillows in my living room. They were a mismatched motley crew of vintage velvet cushions that looked fantastic, but they were also fur and dust traps that made the inside of my head swell up. I have since gotten rid of my beloved collection, and it makes lounging around in the living room a much happier experience. Also, truth be told? I like that there is less clutter now.


That blind eye I used to turn to the non-sentient fluffballs rolling down my hallway? Yeah. That means not breathing while I sleep, and they don't impress house guests, either. I now chase down cat fur tumbleweeds and other dustbunnies with my Dyson hand vac on a regular basis, and I am a happier sleeper.


I find that my sofa can be quite the allergen trap, so I regularly vacuum in and around the cushions, and I keep a bright throw over my sofa that I wash a couple of times a month. The splash of colour livens up our rather dull, brown sofa, too.


This part, although it seems like a blatant product placement, is true. I wasn't even asked to mention it here, but I really do take Claritin every morning when I get up. It keeps me from looking like I've been crying for days. I'm much better looking when my eyes aren't swollen and leaking.


I cannot be indoors with live flowers anymore, so blooms like the one pictured above from my mother-in-law's garden have to be left outside. It's all cacti all the time now inside. There is a surprising array of beautiful cacti out there, though, especially succulents, so I don't miss the flowers at all. Also, cacti are really easy to care for, and they don't drop leaves, so there's less clean-up! I'm all about less clean-up.


Do you do anything to keep the allergen levels down in your home and yard? What works best?

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