Three Examples To Illustrate The Miracle That Is People Ever Having Sex Ever

cat toys

I brought a shopping bag home filled with the following items:
  1. a container filled with jingly cat toys,
  2. water bottles for spraying bad cats, and
  3. a bottle of herbal mood remedy pills.


"I called dibs on that," KidB said.

"No you didn't," KidA said.

"I did. You just didn't hear it. I called it in my head."

"That doesn't count."

"Yes, it does. I can call dibs on anything I want to in my head."

"It's true. He can," said KidC. "He's got dibs."

The above conversation was had on a city bus by a trio of boys who looked to be about seventeen years old.


Have you taken a good look at human genitalia? I mean a really good look? Their appearance flies in the face of all else we find aesthetically pleasing.

I think I can safely say that evolution was not expecting us to ever want to look at that mess.


PS.  That photo up there is a picture I took of the cat toys I bought.


Waking Slowly