Girl's Gone Child, Reconfigured

Rebecca Woolf of Girl's Gone Child contacted me with the request to push her content and sidebar up 100px and to add a search function. It was going to take some tightening up, but I thought there was enough space available above the fold to make it work while still maintaining the general initial look of her weblog, which was originally designed by Danielle Hull, who also continues to create the weblog's quarterly updated mastheads.

Here is Girl's Gone Child before:

before's template reconfiguration

And here is Girl's Gone Child after:

after's template reconfiguration

I moved her category links into the top of the right column below the banner ad, and I moved her social media links to the middle of the right sidebar where I also added the search widget she requested. We had to sacrifice some of the white space in order to make it work, but I think we were able to stick with Danielle's initial design fairly closely.

All in all, I feel like we were able to accomplish what she wanted without making any truly detrimental sacrifices. Success!