My Feet And My Blogging Navel

These are my swollen, post-three-days-of-running-my-butt-off-in-retail feet. My feet are usually fairly slim, so these look more like someone glued the wrong feet onto my ankles. They hurt like they are giant bruises on top of juicy blisters.

swollen feet
Help! Someone glued a pair of puffer fish to my legs!

I keep thinking that I want to write more posts like the kind that I used to think of as throwaways, the kind where I wrote about how I spilled Italian dressing on my sweater and men stopped to talk to me all day at work or how I am basically in love with butterscotch pecan muffins and I pretend that each one I eat is the same one, because it's more intimate that way.

I don't write those entries, though, because I'm always thinking that I have to have this topic to attack whether it be alcoholism or nail polish, and it creates this narrow focus that crowds out the fun stuff.

Onion revels in some much-missed cuddling.

Some might call that fun stuff fluff, but when I look back over the nearly eight years of this weblog, those are the posts I enjoy the most, the ones where I let myself wander around miscellany.

Aidan as a yeti
My iPhone magically turned the Palinode into a yeti.

Running a narrative around the not-so-heavy bits makes me take note of them. I stop being so heavy.

Of course, now I'm being all heavy about not being heavy. Watch me brood over leading a lighter life!

Oskar and Aidan
Now that's a black cat.


I've been zombied
I obviously didn't keep my bottom retainer in long enough after my braces came off.

Sometimes I miss self-medication.


Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #65