WEN® Hair Care Products Are Awesome, And You Want To Win Some

It's a WEN® hair care products giveaway!


As you can see in the photo below, I have all of just about no hair, so you may wonder why I am doing a giveaway of WEN® hair care products:

cruddy shirt

Just because I have very short hair doesn't mean that I don't have hair and scalp issues. My hair tends to become greasy fairly quickly, which, when it was longer a few years ago, I could cover up on the second day after a shampoo with a little extra hairspray or a quick ponytail. These days, though, the grease is really apparent if I don't wash my hair every day, so I actually have to wash my hair twice a often as I used to.

With all of the washing, even my short hair was feeling a little dry, and my scalp was often itchy. It occurred to me some time ago that my conditioner was merely covering the damage that the harsh detergents were causing, and I also thought that maybe I was promoting my scalp's oil production by drying it out with detergents every day.

Enter the lovely PR lady, Heather. She asked if I was interested in trying WEN® hair care products, and after I found out that they were free of sodium lauryl sulfate and damaging detergents, I said YES! to a 30-day supply of WEN® hair care products, which includes the Cleansing Conditioner, Styling Crème, Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask, Texture Balm, and a wide tooth shower comb.

fame whore
Ignore my co-worker, Onion. He's a fame whore.

WAKE UP. Are you still with me?

I know how fascinating my hair woes are, but I needed to throw in that bit of backstory so that you would believe me when I tell you that WEN® hair care products are really, really fine hair products. This wasn't initially even supposed to be a giveaway, but after using the stuff for almost a month, I decided that I wanted to share the awesome and asked for some more just for you.


To cut down on my wordiness, here are five reasons why I like WEN® hair care products in point form:
  1. The cleansing conditioner doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which some believe to be toxic, or harsh detergents.
  2. The conditioner is the shampoo, which means that I can stop doing that thing where I forget if I've used my conditioner or not and end up repeating the shampoo process just in case, which sounds stupid, but I really do that a couple of times a week.
  3. It smells like almond and mint. Yum.
  4. My hair has become ridiculously soft. Thanks to the Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask, my head feels like my kittens now.
  5. Unlike most hair styling products, the Styling Crème and Texture Balm aren't sticky or heavy or flaky. My hair stays soft and styled without turning into a gummy helmet!

fresh haircut 1

So, here's the part where you get to play along and maybe win some of this fantastic stuff to try and love for your very own.

If you are in North America and you would like ONE chance to get your hands on a WEN® hair care 30-day supply, do one of the following. If you would like TWO chances to win, do both of the following:
  1. Leave a comment on this post. You can tell me why your hair needs WEN® or just talk about your day if you want to.

  2. Post the following tweet on Twitter, complete with hashtag:
    I want to win a WEN hair care 30-day supply, because @schmutzie tells me it's awesome - http://tinyurl.com/ForTheWen  #ForTheWen

I will pick one lucky person at random on May 22nd at midnight using random.org, and then I will announce the winner both here and on Twitter.

Now go comment and tweet! This WEN® hair care line is definitely worth it.


UPDATE: The winner of the WEN® hair care line 30-day supply is Lidia! This means that no more entries will be accepted. Thank you, everyone!

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