Ten Lists I Would Write Had I A Moment To Spare This Week

my latest attempt at an upright workspace
  1. Today's top ten life memories listed in ten minutes or less

  2. My cats are the cutiest patootiest, and I'm going to make you look at them a lot. Again.

  3. Things that made me happy-dance down the hallway while singing "If you're awesome and you know it you are Schmutzie" this week, including but not limited to my ability to find a Dove chocolate under the couch and inhale it

  4. Ten songs I would sing to you at the top of my lungs if I still drank in karaoke bars

  5. The seven classes of foot funk: one shoe salesperson's scent experience with the public's feet

  6. Ten things I could eat right now if I didn't mind my arteries just closing up shop and calling it a night

  7. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours: my medicine cabinet as a museum of failed cosmetics experiments

  8. Twenty-five gifts sobriety has given me: a love story

  9. Persistent acne, alligator feet, and other wonders of late-thirties womanhood that no one ever told you about

  10. Things the Palinode does that make me crazy but I wouldn't want to live without

Five Star Friday's 149th Edition Is Brought to You By Charles Morgan

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