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There's Romance In That Thar Hobo Urine

laundry detergent

Palinode: Did you notice that our laundry detergent looks different than normal?

Schmutzie: Yeah. The detergent in this bottle seems a little... um... darker than normal. Why? What do you think it looks like?

Palinode: It looks like hobo urine.

Schmutzie: Oh my god. That's exactly what I thought. [feels a flutter in her stomach]

Palinode: It really looks like someone who hasn't had a chance to drink water or bathe for a while came and took a leak in our laundry detergent.

Schmutzie: I know, right? It looks pretty disgusting.

Palinode: Why are you looking at me like that?

Schmutzie: [sighs with a resurgence of marital love and smiles] Oh, no reason.

As it turns out, I pair bond easily over the mutual likening of laundry detergent to hobo urine.

Stop looking at me like that. It's not like you haven't pair bonded over weird stuff, right?

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