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Me at BlogHer.com: Why I Made A Kid-Free List On Twitter (And What Happened When I Did)

my twitter list of kid-free people over 30

"Why I Made A Kid-Free List On Twitter (And What Happened When I Did)":
The kid-free Twitter list had only existed for about half an hour, though, before I started losing followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook. I received a direct message on Twitter telling me that not everyone wanted to celebrate infertility like I did. An e-mail said that the list was cold-hearted. On Facebook, I was asked what I was trying to accomplish with it. In less than an hour, it was clear to me that a list I had originally intended only to highlight a broad demographic which describes nearly 20% of the population was being misinterpreted as a celebratory slap on the back, a thumbed nose at those who would bring more pesky children into the world, an insensitive celebration of infertility.

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