Five Star Friday's 146th Edition Is Brought to You By Carol Burnett

This Five Star Friday roundup is brought to you by customer service, mothers in business, breast cancer, an old man, commuting, the sexualization of our daughters, growing up, politics, public speaking, the personal vs the professional, being a parent, Portland, a funeral, and Carol Burnett:

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.

     — Carol Burnett
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Happy Friday!

"A Pirate Looks At Five" from Crib Chronicles:
in the last few weeks all the people you draw have eyes of a matched size, two perfect circles in their face. it disconcerts me in its suddenness, that fearful symmetry. but there it is: it seems to have come to stay. your cock-eyed days are behind you, my son. welcome to the tyranny of aesthetics. don’t ever let it win, entirely.
"Take Your Blessings with Your Salt" from Better Than Bullets

"A Rant About Customer Service" from Buggering Crap Monkies

"If the Political Parties Were Bad Moms..." by Annie at The Bad Moms Club:
When it comes to parenting styles, there is rarely a perfect fit between a mom's chosen approach and a by-the-book parenting style. The same goes for political parties. It is rare to find one that meets all of your expectations. With parenting, we can pick and choose what we like from one style and combine it with another. We can also slack off a bit, "bad mom" style. When it comes to politics, however, we're only allowed one X. It isn't a perfect system, but being able to choose from a variety of imperfect political "bad moms" is better than being stuck with the worst of the bad moms (whichever one you think that is), isn't it? VOTE!
"The 'Sexualisation of Our Daughters' and Double Standards" from We Mixed Our Drinks

"The Unspoken Truths of Mothers On Top" from Mom-101

"Conversation Is the New Attention" by Christopher Fahey and Timothy Meaney at A List Apart:
In a world where every piece of information can, with a single tap on a pocket-sized glass screen, lead to more and more information, our ideas need to move faster, people need to share ideas and bounce them off of each other more spontaneously than ever, anytime, anywhere. Public speaking technology has not kept pace with the technology of everything else.

So we asked ourselves: how can we improve the technology of public speaking?
"Just a Mom" from The Squashed Bologna

"Breast Cancer & Your Friends" from kitchenblogic

"The Men From Carrington House" from The Domestic Bohemian:
I really liked Danny. He was the archetypal London Irishman who had come over to work on the roads in the 1950's and never went back home. He was into his 70's by the time I met him and beginning to show the scars. His body was pretty much worn out and his days of hard drinking were catching up on him. He was on a lager maintenance diet. A few cans interspersed throughout the day. I used to love sitting there chatting with Danny. He'd clearly been a rogue and a one for the ladies in his youth.
"No, You Can't Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much" by Adrienne Graham at Forbes

"Bus Stop" from A Blessing a Day

"Good Goodbye" from The Dramatic:
Sitting there, watching the sunlight through the stained glass shift across the worn wood floor, I listened to his strong clear voice and remembered. I remembered that it is important to look into each others’ eyes, to be grateful, to ask for help. I remembered the power of the written word to be both gift and guide. I remembered that love is a choice, played out in the small decisions we make every day.
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