You Should Probably Enter To Win A Free Photo Book From Shutterfly and I, Because They're Darn Spanky


Despite the fact that spring is coming on with all the verve of a snail on quaaludes — I live in Saskatchewan, and WE HAD MORE SNOW LAST NIGHT — I'm starting to feel that energetic thrum moving through me. It happens every spring. I am filled with a near-anxious excitement over new things, whether there are new things happening or not. Of course, I'm lucky this year, because there are actually new things to celebrate. This will save me from manically searching for meaning while I clean out the backs of our closets.

Oh, who am I kidding? I don't clean out the backs of our closets, except for when we move. When we moved last fall, I discovered all the musical instruments from my elementary school music classes and am still fairly certain that I need to learn how to play the recorder,


, and kazoo to some level of proficiency.

Aaaaanyway, on to celebrations, because it's Spring!

My friend

Mrs. Wilson just had huge chunk of a boy

very recently, and this seems to be the time of year when everyone is having smaller and larger chunks of their own, and so it just seems fitting that there should some spanky

birth announcements


photo books

to crow about them, which is why — jeebus, my sentences are long today —

I am giving away a Shutterfly 8"x8" photo book


If you would like ONE chance to get your hands on a

Shutterfly 8"x8" photo book

, do


of the following. If you would like TWO chances to win, do


of the following:

  1. Leave a comment on this post. You can tell me how you're going to use the photo book or just say hello if you want to.
  1. Post the following tweet on Twitter, complete with hashtag:
  2. I want to win a Shutterfly photo book -  #shutterflyFTW

I will pick one lucky person at random on April 22nd at midnight using

, and then I will announce the winner both here and on Twitter.

So, go forth! Comment and tweet! Your beautiful photobook awaits you.


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, as I do.



And the giveaway winner has been chosen. It is

Brahm (alfred lives here)


Go Watch Me Play The Ukulele And Sing Over At Jett Superior's Place

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