Let's Panic About Babies! Is Pretty Twisted, And You Probably Want To Win Your Very Own Copy

I was hearing about all of these other people getting their copies of Let's Panic About Babies! already, and I had on my best pouty face about not having mine yet, but nothing, not even a severely protruding lower lip, will speed up shipping to Canada, so I just had to wait it out and hope I got my copy before those babies started high school. Finally, yesterday afternoon, my blessed copy arrived one week after its launch. We Canadians do suffer so.

The first great thing I noticed about Let's Panic About Babies! is that you can't talk! about the book! without using! at least one! exclamation mark! (I used five extra ones, but you can't use zero exclamation marks. It's innately exclamatory!)

The second great thing that I noticed about this book? If you hold the cover up against your face just right, it totally looks like you are going to eat that baby, and not in that cute I-want-to-put-your-feet-in-my-mouth way, either. I look thoroughly psychotic.

Let's Panic About Babies!

(By the way, you might have noticed that I am wearing one of Eden's famous t-shirts under my haute couture red flannel in that photo. This is purely coincidental. I am not obsessed with the authors of this book. For serious.)

Okay, look. I think I've started this review off on the wrong foot. For one thing, you probably weren't even aware this was a review. It is! For another thing, I have painted myself to be a baby-eating psychotic with an Eden Kennedy obsession. I'm not! I'm a perfectly normal human being who likes the authors Alice Bradley and Eden Kennedy in a perfectly normal way and who wants to tell you that Let's Panic About Babies! is a perfectly normal book about pregnancy, childbirth, and early babyhood.

Oh, who am I kidding. This book is not a perfectly normal book. It is a perfectly ridiculous book, and it is a perfectly sometimes twisted book, but it is not normal, and this is a good thing, because there is nothing normal about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood.

Some people will try to give you the impression that all of this is very natural and wonderful as a way to convince that all of this is normal. Let me tell you one thing I know from my 38 years of worldly experience: natural is not what we mean when we talk about normal. Natural is lions eviscerating wildebeests. Natural is giant spills of molten rock devouring Pompeii. Natural is spending years of your life knowing that you have someone else's snot or old food or vomit or poo stuck somewhere on your person at all times because you had the wild idea to procreate.

Aaaaand back to the book, because that's why we're here. How about you watch this video trailer to acquaint yourself with the flavour of Let's Panic About Babies! while I go and pour myself some more of that lovely hot, brown juice I call joe?

See? Twisted.

I feel compelled to tell you that I like this book even though I have no babies now nor will I ever. I am the least baby-having person around since some doctors absconded with my uterus coming on four years ago, and yet I still laughed my fool head off until the Palinode demanded to know what was so funny at nearly three in the morning thankyouverymuch, because, as it turns out, anyone can panic about babies. If there's something to panic about, it's definitely babies, and panicking about them is hilarious, if Alice and Eden have anything to say about it, which they do for over 260 ridiculous pages.

What I want to do for you, because this book is worth spreading, and also because Alice Bradley and Eden Kennedy should be spre...

That sentence looked like it was going nowhere good.

What I meant to say is that I want to give away one spanky, awesome copy of Let's Panic About Babies!


If you would like ONE chance to get your hands on Let's Panic About Babies!, do one of the following. If you would like TWO chances to win, do both of the following:
  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me something that has to do with babies and panicking. I'm sure you've panicked at several points in your life, and I'm also sure that at least one of those incidents was baby-related.

  2. Post the following tweet on Twitter, complete with hashtag:

    What should we panic about? Let's Panic About Babies! http://tinyurl.com/panicaboutbabies  #panicaboutbabies
I will pick picked one lucky person at random on March 15th at midnight and announce announced the winner both here and on Twitter.

While you enthusiastically enter this giveaway and await my announcement of the lucky winner, you can also avail yourself of the full menu of Let's Panic About Babies! charms:

  • Like them on Facebook
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  • Check out the Let's Panic! website
  • Buy the book!

  • So, get with the commenting and the tweeting. I hope you win!


    UPDATE: And the winner is MayB of Buggering Crap Monkies! She's one funny lady by nature, so this is a perfect win.

    Thanks for playing!

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