The Top Ten Things I Love About Taking A Bath

bathing dangerously

Top Ten Things I Love About Taking A Bath
  1. Singing. Some like to sing in the shower, but I can hear myself much better in the bath.

  2. Feeling beautiful. Everyone is beautiful when they're in water.

  3. Drinking coffee. Something about drinking a hot liquid while in a hot bath just wreaks of decadence.

  4. Being left alone. The cats, those three needy freaks we house and feed and poop herd, leave me alone. I swear that they are the reincarnation of human toddlers.

  5. Watching Netflix on my laptop (from a safe distance where my laptop is on a very stable chair, of course).

  6. Floating boobs. Boobs float. It's awesome.

  7. Being forced to sit still. I am too warm and wet to be able to jump up and worry about getting a thousand things done. When you're in the bath, you're in the bath, and that's that.

  8. Smelling like soap and bath bubbles.

  9. Increased flexibility. With all of the heat, I limber up enough to touch my toes. I performed woefully on flexibility test in phys. ed. class even as a child in elementary school.

  10. Fart bubbles. You know they're funny. Does anyone have a match?