Megan Jordan's Velveteen Mind: Two Mastheads and a Twitter Background

I've been working with Megan Jordan of Velveteen Mind to update her weblog masthead from what it has been over the last four years.

We listened to her readers on Facebook, she shared images she liked with me via a private Posterous account, and we wrote back and forth, collaborating on ideas about her vision for her website, until we established mastheads we loved. I, of course, have been just itching to crow about it since we finished.


Velveteen Mind masthead

I also worked on a second masthead for the About page on Velveteen Mind. We wanted to carry the same look over from the original masthead while still creating a new look, so we switched out the original woman for a bathing beauty and the birds for blue crabs.

About Megan Jordan masthead

And then, because Megan wanted to carry the aesthetic across her web presence, I also created a Twitter background for her @VelveteenMind account.

@VelveteenMind twitter background

I was so excited as everything was going live last night that I was bouncing up and down our hallway and giving the Palinode kisses on the top of his head while he tried to work.

Some people jump out of airplanes or climb mountains. Me? I thrill over a well-placed crab.

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