Five Star Friday's 141st Edition Is Brought to You By a Dancing Baby

This Five Star Friday roundup is brought to you by a mother, mental illness, feminism, emotions and goals, psychiatry, finances, a necktie, laundry, public transportation, and this dancing baby:

I know that I usually feature a particular author where you see that dancing baby video, but the dancing baby, people. THE DANCING BABY!

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Happy Friday!

"You Were Wrong, Mom!" from Stubblejumpers Cafe:
There’s a certain arrogance in feeling “above it all” because you are capable of being strong and giving in. I don’t consider this a virtue. It takes more courage to fight for yourself and for what you believe in. And people who are inclined to be bullies really love people who give in. Chewing up the meek provides them with a lot of energy and power, leaving behind them a path of destruction.

With all due respect, this is not a good thing, Mom! Just saying...
"A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure. I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them." from Spin Me I Pulsate

"Life List How To: One Way to Start" from Mighty Girl

"Feminists" from Yarn Harlot:
I had a talk recently with a young woman who said several things to me about feminism. She said first, that she absolutely believes in the ideas of feminism, but doesn't want to say she's a feminist, because she thinks the word has negative associations with a minority group of radicals. Second, she said that she thinks things are much better than they were for women, and that maybe we don't need feminism as much, because things are better.

We had a talk.
"HERMÈS Horror" from Motherhood in NYC

"Fetch My Bindle" by Danielle at Aiming Low

"Never Mind the Backseats and the Smokes" from sweet|salty:
I mean, yeah. Nobody wants to get pregnant at 13. Best not to. And everybody knows cigarettes turn you into a gargoyle ten years to the day you first light up. And so, sure. We ought to make sure kids are told all this stuff in grade six. Government-sponsored shock propaganda, foamcore-mounted blackened corpse lungs and mangled Hondas and wagging fingers. Because there are just some things our children need to fear and know. Don't follow a mickey of vodka with a half-litre of chocolate milk. If you do, don't wear white jeans. Always get the cabbie to buy Schooner. You can tuck your six-pack under that tree, right in the open, and it will remain unmolested all night because goalies and defensemen and curly-haired, lip-glossed tormentors don't drink Schooner. Only old men and cabbies drink Schooner. Wisdom, you know? Stuff that's important. What a period is, and the point of it. How to protect a banana from The Clap. Why you've been waking up all sticky. What happens to your blossom when you ride a bike.
"Where the Wild Things Were" from Lotsa Laundry

"Cockroach Rodeo" from Mimi Smartypants

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