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Watch My First Television Appearance on CBC News While I Eat Many Potatoes

Remember when I had that interview with Costa Maragos for CBC News a couple of weeks ago?

my CBC news interview with Costa Maragos - 4

Well, now it's going to air! It's going to be on CBC television in Saskatchewan in less than two hours — it is airing at 5:30 CST on CBC News Saskatchewan — but you, yes YOU, get to see my segment right now, because Costa Maragos is the rather fine sort of person who sends out the link to a video before a broadcast to a blogger who doesn't have the patience to wait.

Click here to watch Schmutzie talk to Costa Maragos about alcoholism and living well while making blogging look all dynamic by typing in 72-point Times New Roman.

I am now going to hide behind a pillow and eat many potatoes, because this is how this non-drinker is dealing with her first television appearance.


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