Ninjamatics! Now Without The Curlers In Its Hair!

I have a great unveiling! Or, rather, the Palinode and I have a great unveling!

Remember when we had that other great unveiling back in December, and it was for a new professional site called Ninjamatics, and it look a lot like a cardboard box?

Well, I created that look a little bit on purpose, because we were just in the process of putting it all together like something you get out of a cardboard box, but now it's not a cardboard box anymore. Now Ninjamatics is fresher and brighter and more organized, and it looks exactly like this:

Ninjamatics main page

Ninjamatics is our communications and design firm, and our spanky newly-designed website tells you who we are, has a handy dandy FAQ that explains where the ninjas are, gives you an idea what we do, (which includes writing and graphic design and social media), houses the Canadian Weblog Awards, and is also home to our professional weblog, which is just now getting its sea legs.

Ninjamatics is pleased to make your acquaintance once again and fling its doors open for business, only this time without the curlers in its hair.


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