I Designed A Pair Of Pop-Up Banners For Saskatchewan Publishers Group, And I Am One Proud Mama

shhh!When I say that I am adventurous when it comes to working on graphic design projects of all types, I mean it.

My usual design is for websites, so my images appear primarily on computer screens and exist as projections of light. This is why I was so excited to work on the Saskatchewan Publishers Group's pop-up banners, which they will be taking along to events such as trade shows and author readings.

I was nervous when I dropped by the Saskatchewan Publisher Group's office to see them in person this afternoon, because, although I trust my artistic vision, my $579 Acer laptop could only show me so much of either banner at full size at one time. Luckily, my imagination is fairly accurate, because the banners turned out pretty much as I had planned, only better:

Saskatchewan Publishers Group pop-up banners

They also turned out to be almost an entire foot taller than the dimensions listed in the original specs I was sent. I thought that they would be about six feet tall, but these puppies tower at around seven feet:

I wanted to use imagery that was at once obvious and yet a bit of a surprise to experience, and I think that the image of the typewriter keys I used did just that. The typewriter keys are from a photo I took of an Underwood typewriter, and they came out with a level of abstraction close up that resolves itself at a distance just as I was hoping they would.

If I could stuff copies of these into my purse and pull them out to show off to anyone and everyone, I absolutely would.

My thanks goes out to Saskatchewan Publishers Group's co-executive directors Brenda Niskala and Jillian Bell for giving me the opportunity to create a design that I get to see in the flesh, which is a rare and refreshing opportunity for me. And thanks also goes to Advantage Sign & Display, who did a fantastic job printing the banners.

I am one proud mama.

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