Check Out My Valentine-Themed iPhoneography Series At Life As A Human Photography

Over the last week, I have been working on a seven-part iPhone photography series called Love So Sweet for Life As A Human Photography.

Love So Sweet: Lovestruck

I am not normally a huge celebrant of Valentine's Day, and I usually fall into the bah-humbug category of detractors and complainers, but when Life As A Human asked me to do a Valentine-themed series for them, I leapt at the chance.

Why did I do it? It forced me to stretch my creativity into uncomfortable territory, and that, if anything, is what keeps my creative fires burning. Also, I had the Palinode, who is an excellent collaborator that would support the whole process, even if it meant gluing fuzzy hearts to his head.

So, whether you embrace all the sap that Valentine's Day has to offer or you sneer at every pink puffy heart, check out my Love So Sweet iPhoneographs. I hearted every minute of making them.

Valentine's Day Supper Occurred In A Very Dim Restaurant

Love Dunce