25 Things I Get All Double Rainbow Over *

@motherbumper, @DExtraordinaire, and me heading out for the evening
  1. When I'm walking down the street and, although it's -25°F with a winchill of -37°F and my face is aching from the cold, I can feel spring ripping into the atmosphere with the heightened angle of the sun, and I know for the first that WINTER WILL TRULY END

  2. Dreams in which I get to talk to my older brother and he is free of all the physical impediments that take that away in waking life

  3. The rare moments when I get to spend time with people that feel like My People

  4. When I look at the Palinode and I know that bonding myself to him was the best thing I have ever done

  5. When one of my cats finds that perfect spot on my lap and I don't have to jump up right away to pee or cook or otherwise disturb our fine balance

  6. The prospect of becoming an aunt this year

  7. When the sun breaks through wet, heavy clouds and streaks down to earth right where I am standing

  8. When I feel that old rush of badass rebelliousness surge through me and I feel certain that this world is my bitch

  9. Really great sex

  10. Taking a photograph that catches someone's true face

  11. Letting someone know I care and feeling like they heard me

  12. The feel of slick muck through my toes

  13. When I slip my feet into a pair of shoes that fit with the comfort of orthopedics but look fantastic

  14. Office supply stores

  15. Finding a pair of jeans that just feel right on my body and look awesome with every shirt I own

  16. Working on a difficult design and then suddenly feeling the momentum of everything tumbling into balance

  17. Finding that $400 wool and cashmere coat for eleventy-thousand percent off

  18. Falling in love

  19. Stumbling across tiny, baby frogs

  20. Knowing that, no matter how narrow my vision is in a given moment, there is always more

  21. the Palinode's curried cauliflower

  22. Lying out in a field on a warm summer night and watching the moon

  23. Foot massages

  24. Understanding that hope can be a reasoned decision

  25. Completing a really satisfying list
I showed you mine. Now show me yours:

I gave myself 25 minutes to write 25 things that make me get all double rainbow. Feel free to take 25 minutes and write your own. If you do, leave the url below so we can share and share alike!


* The title makes reference to the double rainbow video that went viral:

Smiling While Making Tea

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