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Pile O' Poo: A Mystery Solved In Eleven Haikus

My apartment stinks.
Where could the gross stench come from?
It smells like feces.

And, lo and behold,
There's poo on my floor again.
It's a crap myst'ry.

beast poo

Lula's a small cat
with a hiss that's twice her size
but cuteness for days.

She's a princess, a
a real litterbox champion.
She's clean as ever.


Onion's the fat man
who wheezes while he's asleep
and cuddles us well.

He sheds like mad
and knocks our stuff off tables,
but he hits his mark.


Oskar is handsome
lounging 'bout on the mantle
in afternoon sun.

He sports gross feet, though,
covered in litter and dung.
He is repulsive.


He pitches a fart.
I need sanitizer to
fight dreaded poo feet.

The poo myst'ry's solved!
Three cats are too much.
Our home's a cat barn.

wrangling the beasts

There must be a pill
to cure the insanity
of owning mousers.

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