Creepy Macro Cat Eyes. You're Welcome.

I quite forgot that I had ordered the Easy Macro Cell Lens Band from Photojojo, so when I had to drag myself out of the bathtub not only once for the building maintenance guy to come blast the fire alarms but twice so that the mailman could deliver my surprise package, I felt that at least some good had come from standing around while my fresh-from-the-bath crotch soaked through my jeans in front of relatively strange men.

me with the Easy Macro Cell Lens Band from Photojojo

Of course, my first act with my new toy was to trail my cat, Onion, around with my iPhone hovering no more than an inch from his eye. Just so you know, cats don't like that kind of thing.

Onion's eye 2

So far, two pictures and one really pissed off cat in, I like it.

Onion, on the other hand, has parked himself by the front door and is wailing away in hopes that someone, anyone, will take him away from me.

Onion's eye 1

Luckily, Onion is extra stupid, and, as stupid does, he'll forget this whole thing by the time I find a new way to make his life miserable.


PS. I used the Retro Camera iPhone app to take these particular photos.

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