It's A Dansko 20th Anniversary Professional Clogs Giveaway!

Do you know what this shoe signals? Happiness.

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 3

Yep. It's real.

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 1

Oskar and I were thrilled to get this box of 20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clogs in the mail today not only because my feet love a new pair of Danskos and he loves a new box to nest in, but also because we get to give one pair of these fantastic shoes to one of you to help Dansko celebrate its 20th anniversary. Yes, you.

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 2

To commemorate the occasion, Dansko partnered with illustrator and typographer Jessica Hische to create a special limited edition Professional clog with a " [that] features words reflecting the Dansko 'way of life' — our core values and commitment to thoughtful, conscious living". They've done a gorgeous job creating a warm, rich-looking shoe patterned with words such as Breathe, Think, Dare, Share, and Live Boldly strung around it. Frankly, my feet feel inspired.

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 8

THESE COULD BE YOURS, but we'll get into that later, because there are two more reasons that this giveaway is a good one, aside from the fact that these babies might end up on your feet.

The first good reason is that Dansko wants you to help celebrate its 20th anniversary by giving back through their Share Your Way of Life promotion. When you submit your Way of Life, Dansko will donate $1 to one of the following charities of your choosing: The Conservation Alliance, Teach For America, American Red Cross, Action for Healthy Kids, Save The Children, or Heifer International. So, go share of yourself and give something back!

The second good reason is that, on top of entering this giveaway here, you can enter Dansko's drawing for a chance to win the limited edition print of the artwork by Jessica Hische that inspired the 20th Anniversary Professional. There will be ten prints given away to random entrants, and you'd better hurry, because the promotion ends Nov. 25, 2011.

Okay, now on to why I love Dansko's Professional clogs so much.

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 4

They have this great heel structure that makes their shoe fit with all the comfort and breathability of an open-backed clog while still having an enclosed heel. The heel is built solid and wide so that it still covers your foot while allowing your heel to move up and down freely within the shoe. If you've ever had problems with your heels blistering in new shoes, they won't do it with these, because your heel won't actually rub up against anything when you walk.

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 9

As you can see, they have a contoured insole that offers good arch support. I have a couple of older pairs of this style of Dansko, and the arch support has held up well over the years.

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 7

Believe it or not, Dansko clogs have excellent shock absorption, and I am a huge fan of their rocker bottoms. That curve you see along the bottom of the shoe allows you to walk with a more natural heel-to-toe motion that keeps your feet from getting tired, and there is also a roomy toe box. You can wiggle your toes up and down in your shoes! Toe wiggling is very important to a happy life.

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 6

They have pretty decent tread, as well. I wouldn't wear them out on sheet ice, but they keep me upright.

If you ever go try a pair on, they will feel a little strange at first because of that unique heel structure and toe wigglability, so keep a few things in mind when finding a good fit:
  • You want to be able to slide at least the tip of your pinky finger between your foot and the back of the heel of the shoe. If your heel rubs, the shoe is too short.
  • The Dansko clog is built to fit over the top, high part of your foot. If it feels looser all around than you are used to with shoes, that is because of the heel and toe fit. Your foot is meant to be able to move around at the front and back.
  • Dansko clogs use European sizing, so make sure to check your size against their chart to find the correct size.
So, are you ready to win a pair of 20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clogs yet?

20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clog 5

If you would like ONE chance to get your hands on a pair of 20th Anniversary Professional Dansko clogs, do one of the following; if you would like TWO chances to win, you can do both of the following:
  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want these shoes, and, if you are so moved, about your most memorable anniversary, be it romantic or otherwise.
  2. Post the following tweet on Twitter:
    This pair of fab Danskos might be mine. Or yours. @schmutzie's got a giveaway:  #danskoclog
I will pick one lucky person at random using on November 29th at midnight and announce the winner here and on Twitter.

In the meantime, you can head on over and become a fan of Dansko on Facebook and follow Dansko on Twitter, because it's the friendly thing to do when you're trying to get free stuff from them, yes?

Now go out there and win this thing! And don't forget to give a little something back.


UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed to new entrants, and a winner has been picked at random using, and that winner is PsychMamma! Congratulations!

And thank you to everyone else who entered. I wish I could give away one hundred pairs of these fantastic shoes and make all your feet happy.

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