I Am Still In The Land Of The Living

Okay, okay. The last entry of any length I posted here was twelve days ago. I don't think I have ever gone that long without writing a regular entry since I started here over eight years ago in August of 2003. It's been almost two weeks since I wrote about how I was freaking out, and then I fell into an internet semi-silence immediately afterwards. While I've been updating Five Star Friday and Phoneography with their usual regularity, I've kept mum about how I'm doing, which, if the emails, Facebook messages, and Twitter DMs I've been getting are any indication, has left some of you wondering if I am still even in the land of the living.

me exhibiting can-do spirit
This is me exhibiting can-do spirit.

I am in the land of the living! It's just that this land of the living over here has been insanely busy with several design projects, my last few shoe store shifts, trying madly to wrangle the 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards into some kind of submission, writing for Aiming Low, working on a Hipstamatic-related side project, getting ready for my road trip through the southern United States at the beginning of December, and remembering to eat. I've lost five pounds over the last couple of weeks while I pushed pixels around and alternated between vats of coffee and doses of Rescue Remedy.

I wish I had more to report, but I'm happily swinging around the pushing pixels → coffee → writing → pushing pixels → Canadian Weblog Awards → coffee → sleeping → eating, for God's sake → pushing pixels loop. And I do mean happily. I'm quite enjoying myself in between bouts of self-doubt and righteous indignation that anyone could disagree with my choice of blue.

At any rate, thank you for your concern. I pulled myself up after that entry twelve days ago, picked the kitchen floor lint off my face, and gave myself permission to sleep when necessary, cry when I felt like it, and stop long enough to enjoy myself. Noses on grindstones don't last very long. Of course, mine's still on the grindstone, but less continually than before.

So, what about you? Are you still on the floor? Or are you in the process of dusting yourself off?

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