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Britt Reints And I Had A Baby, And Its Name Is InPursuitOfHappiness.net!

InPursuitOfHappiness.com logo

Britt Reints, formerly of Miss-Britt.com, now has a brand spanking new home at In Pursuit of Happiness. Britt and I, with the help of one Mr. Lady, redesigned Britt's website, migrated it from WordPress to Squarespace, and got it happily settled into its new digs with its new url this morning.

Here is the landing page:

InPursuitOfHappiness.com landing page

And here is her weblog:

InPursuitOfHappiness.com weblog

Go welcome Britt to her new digs at InPursuitofHappiness.net, and take a look around. She's been a great design collaborator throughout this whole design and migration progress, and she deserves some kudos.

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